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Modern Activism

Image Source My proposed project is to explore the ways that students engage with and participate in global events through different sources of media. One of the main areas I wish to delve into is digital/cyber activism, and ask students what they think about this phenomenon. Do they agree with it/ think it is in any … Continue reading



Curiosity. The reason for a great deal of many of my good, and just as many of my bad decisions. Despite my hate for the cold, I’ve booked a trip this year to visit a bit of northern and eastern Europe with a bit of Scandinavia and Russia thrown in there. While I would’ve liked … Continue reading


The way we watch favours global cultural diversity over Australian content

Due to the attitudes of Australian audiences towards Australian content, it is no surprise that we prefer to watch overseas content. As I have discussed in a number of previous blog posts, a lot of this comes down to access and distribution/marketing of Australian films. Also as our viewing habits evolve and change over to predominantly … Continue reading